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The Project

The Hear Me Roar! Project provides support and comfort to individuals, families and youth across South Australia, through various project initiatives.

Multipurpose Cushions

Our heart shaped cushions are handmade and have multiple purposes. They can be used under the arm, under the forearm, for breast support, behind the neck, and to lie on.

These cushions are bright, colourful and comforting. They provide comfort and relief to individuals.

Cushions are donated, and distributed, to patients in hospital and various organisations, including those who support patients and/or individuals going through a challenging time, across South Australia.

Indiana with cushions

Kids Cushions

Our handmade kids cushions include heart shaped cushions and personality cushions.

Whether they are used to lie on, provide comfort after surgery, or simply to cuddle with; they make kids smile and they love them. They not only provide physical comfort, but many kids use them as a ‘comforter’.

The materials chosen are bright, colourful, full of animals, rocket ships, cupcakes, rainbows and more. 

Cushions are donated and distributed to children in hospital, together with organisations who support patients, children in foster care, and/or disadvantaged youth across South Australia.

Port Pillows

Our handmade port pillows are made with velcro so they can be attached to a seatbelt in the car.

These port pillows help cushion port/incision/surgical sites when in a car, making travelling more comfortable. They can be attached to the seatbelt, across the chest or abdomen. 

Port pillows are donated and distributed to hospitals, and organisations that support patients, across South Australia.

port pillows

Book Bags

Youth literacy is very important for all children and all children deserve to learn to read, have access to books, and to own books of their very own.

Books, new and second hand, are collected, sorted into age appropriate categories, labelled and packed into book bags (4-5 books per bag). These books are then donated and distributed to disadvantaged and vulnerable youth across South Australia, through schools and various organisations.

Care Packs

Care packs are put together including items that are useful, provide comfort and/or relief, and make people smile. Care packs include items such as books, beanie/scarf/socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, hand sanitiser, tissues, notebook and pen, moisturiser, and puzzles.

These care packs are donated and distributed to chronically and/or terminally ill patients, and patients undergoing various treatments across South Australia.

care packs
headbands, scrunchies and bibs

Misc. Items

A variety of handmade items, such as hair scrunchies, headbands and baby bibs, are donated and distributed to various organisations who support disadvantaged youth.

Various other items are often donated to the project, and included in deliveries to support a range of individuals in the community.