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The Hear Me Roar! Project is all about making people smile, feel appreciated and supported. Encourage others, help them find strength and courage, and roar like a Lion!
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Supporting patients in South Australian hospitals, dealing with various illnesses and undergoing a wide variety of treatments.
The project also supports vulnerable and disadvantaged children in SA, and promotes youth literacy.

Care Packs

Our Lions Club purchases and puts together care packs for chronically and terminally ill patients in South Australian hospitals. The care packs provide items that are useful, provide comfort and/or relief, and raise a smile.


These care packs include items such as lip balm, pencils, adult colouring books, journal/note books, beanie/scarf/socks, lollies, moisturisers, hand sanitiser, puzzle books, pens, shower loofahs etc. Items vary depending on funds, donations and items available.


Round and heart shaped cushions are made by our Lions and friends. We purchase material, cut, stuff and sew the cushions for individuals. The cushions are multipurpose and can be used under the arm, under the forearm, neck and chest.


The cushions provide comfort and relief to patients and other individuals who own one. They are bright, colourful and comforting.

Kids Cushions

The kids cushions are both heart and round shapes. These cushions are multi-purpose. Whether they are used to lie on, provide comfort under the arm, behind the neck, or just to cuddle with; kids love them.


The materials chosen are bright, colourful, full of animals, rocket ships, cupcakes, smiling face designs and more. They not only provide physical comfort, but many children use them as a ‘comforter’.

Port Pillows

Small port pillows are also made by our members. We purchase the material and velcro, cut, stuff and sew small pillows that can be attached to seatbelts.


These port pillows help cushion port/incision/surgical sites when in a motor vehicle, to help provide comfort.

Book Bags

Youth literacy is very important for all children and our Lions Club is very proud to support this.


Book bags are handmade and decorated with a variety of designs, primarily for children. These books bags are filled with books donated by the Glenside Lions Club, and other sources. Books are sorted into age appropriate categories and put together ready for delivery.


Book bags are currently put together and delivered to children in hospital. In September/October 2018 holidays, library bags filled with books and stationary will be donated to the KickStart for Kids holiday camps for vulnerable and disadvantaged children in SA. Now also supporting children and families through Second Chances SA.

Misc Items

We are very fortunate to have received many donations of handmade beanies, dressing gowns, children’s headbands, handmade toys and many other items. these items are sorted and distributed to both adults and children in hospital and through other organisations supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged children in South Australia.

Smile – Appreciate – Encourage – Support

Help others find Strength and Courage, and ROAR like a Lion!